The Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion
Papua New Guinea

The Five Street Financial Literacy Training Service have started 2018 on a high note running their Business Development Skills (BDS) Training with popular fishing community in Port Moresby. The training session was held in the Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) Centre in Koki Market and was attended by residents of Fisherman Island located off the coast of Port Moresby. Fisherman Islanders are skilful fisherman who supply the famous Koki Fish Market in Port Moresby with their bountiful catch.
Five Street Financial Literacy Training Service is a contracted training agency under the Microfinance Expansion Project and have partnered with People’s MicroBank Limited (PML) and MiBank to run this training with their fishing loan clients. The training is target toward small time entrepreneurs and everyone in the SME Sector. The topics they covered in the session include budgeting, book keeping, savings and other business related topics. A total of 12 men and women from Fisherman Islands attending the training and the Five Street Financial Literacy Training Service will continue to work with the community at Fisherman Island in future programs.